Lightning trip of the Kings to Tenerife. Philip VI y Mrs. Letizia They have traveled this Thursday, December 1 to Santa Cruz to deliver the the Gold Medals for Merit in Fine Arts 2021. Doña Letizia has worn a dress in a summer key, short sleeves and a fluorine color, thanks to the mild temperatures of the Canary Islands.

This year’s medal recipients include Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardemthe filmmaker Iciar Bollaínthe singers Javier Gurruchaga y Dove St. Basil; the Amaral group, the designer Ana Lockingthe hispanist Ian Gibson and the writer and musician Anton Reixa. It is the first ceremony of these prestigious medals to be held without masks. The distinctions, granted by the Ministry of Culture on behalf of the Government, recognize people or personalities who have excelled in any field of artistic creation, letters, cinema, photography, design, music or dance, and who have contributed to promoting the art or the conservation of the national artistic patrimony.

For this appointment with culture, Doña Letizia has chosen a stunning dress, which unexpectedly becomes one of her great premieres of the year due to two keys: the fluorine orange color, a whole to keep by luminous: illuminates the face, shades the light of the face and favors. The second key, the wrap effect, so complicated. That enveloping cut in her silhouette suits Letizia very well and she knows it. That’s why she likes him a lot. An asymmetric neckline and a top that fits like a scarf do the rest.