Alba Carrillo y Jorge Perez are the trending topic of the week after your own program, Fiestamade public the images in which both fool around and have a good time during the Christmas celebration of his production company, Unicorn.

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The former civil guard, who is married to Alice Pena and has four children, has disappeared from television since Saturday, when his affair. Not so Carrillo, who this Thursday has elaborated on what happened in his podcast we have hooked up.

“I’m a little fed up. The kiss thing is silly, it seems like a schoolyard to me. I still don’t see it as serious as they make it out to be, and anyway I looked next to my bed and there was no one there. Could it be that there isn’t Do I have any responsibility? Whoever has it should assume it,” said Feliciano López’s ex, referring to Jorge.

In his opinion, the winner Survivors 2020 He is not behaving up to it with her: “I’m going to stop protecting because she’s already touching me… there comes a time when you find out what she says from behind and you say ‘ah yes? now you’re going to put up with it your candle, handsome'”.

“I keep quiet but I warm up (…) He is good and he is my friend or he was my friend because I have realized that I am protecting him and he is protecting me little. He has left me at the feet of the horses. Take responsibility a little. You are leaving me like you didn’t want to and you did want to,” he added.

“If you screw up, you say so. He continues to maintain that there was no kiss. I do not maintain anything, I tell people that I refer to the images. There was a joint neck launch,” Carrillo confessed.

On the other hand, he also spoke about how his family is experiencing all the controversy: “My son has TikTok, he sees things but the only thing he wants is for me to be happy. They stoned me, which I don’t give a shit about. It doesn’t break families, everyone has their things and I also have mine. I don’t understand these gratuitous scandals. When I was the cuckold I was the bad one because I deserved it and now I’m also the bad one. Men have always sought my ruin.” Lucía Pariente’s daughter revealed that in these difficult moments she has received the support of people known as Esther Doña or Fidel Albiachusband of Rocio Carrasco.