Leonor’s purchases at a stationery store in Zaragoza: folders and a notebook

The princess Leonor She is immersed in her new stage at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza. After his first outing to the bar The Tunothe king’s daughter Philip VI and the queen Joy He has already starred in a new visit to the Aragonese capital. This time, shopping at a stationery store in the Folder chain, according to what she publishes The Herald of Aragon.

Now, ten days after her first outing, the Bourbon cadet lady has returned to walk the streets of Zaragoza. According to reports from this same newspaper, the princess took advantage of her free afternoon this Saturday, August 26, to go to a stationery store and get school supplies, which she needs for her military training. Among her purchases: some rubber folders and a small notebook to take notes.

Leonor went to the stationery Folder, located at Pablo Neruda 5 street, in the Actur. The store manager explains to the Herald that the princess was around 6:00 p.m. on Saturday along with the rest of her companions. They were all dressed for the street, since they “had a day off.”

Likewise, the owner of the premises points to the newspaper: “My companions were surprised when they saw the princess in the store, but she behaved like any of the group of cadets who entered together.” In the same way, she assures: “It is true that there was expectation to be able to see it in this way and so closely; the workers were restless.”

His first outing, for a snack in El Tuno

On August 20, the heiress to the throne had a snack together with the rest of her colleagues from the Academy in The Tunoa well-known bar in Zaragoza, located in the middle of the university block, as reported by the aforementioned newspaper.