Eugenia Silva, takes refuge in Formentera and her children after the tragic death of her father: “It has been a very difficult year”

Eugenia Silva has spent the summer in Formentera, the island that she fell in love with so much that she built her own country house there, Can Eu. A paradise that she currently enjoys with Alfonso de Bourbon -they have been together for ten years- and their two children together: Alfonso also, nine years old, and jeromeout of six.

The 47-year-old model posed with her children exclusively this Wednesday for Hola and has answered several questions. From his extensive interview, this statement stands out: “It has been a very difficult year and I wanted to spend a one hundred percent family summer. I needed a little bit of calm, which is what this island gives me. Ability to rest and be calm.”

The woman from Madrid thus refers to the most painful episode she has experienced during this 2023, because His father passed away in April.. “We miss my father very much. We needed to be together as brothers, with my mother, and try to enjoy, which he loved.” “When I think of my father, well… I think I’ve had the best father in the world,” he explained.

In the interview he has not forgotten to compliment another father either, that of his two children, to whom he has dedicated these words: “Alfonso surprises me as a father every day: he is dedicated and without his help I could not carry out the work that I do or travel what I travel. We are a team and we get along very well. He gives me the stability that my life lacks”.