Leonor, this will be your Asturian visit to Arroes, Pion and Candanal: pomaradas, ‘praos’ and cider presses

The end of the party for the 43rd edition of the Princess of Asturias Awards concludes in Villaviciosa. The parishes of Arroes, Pion and Candanal receive a visit from Felipe VI, Letizia, Sofía and Leonor, who will present the award and give a speech. It will be Saturday, October 21. This appointment was cut short last year, in the beautiful Cadavedo, due to an unexpected gastroenteritis that caused the two young women to become unwell. Sofía did not travel to the town and her sister had to interrupt the tour. As a result, her mother, Letizia, gave the speech on her behalf.

The Kings and their daughters will tour these parishes, whose economy is based on traditional farming and agri-food activities. The Pion valley (Pion and Candanal) has 584 residents and Arroes has 445. They share activities, such as the rural infant and primary school or the neighborhood association, which is involved in what is known as the Center for Territorial Intelligence and Technologies for the Rural Environment (CTIC Ruraltech). One of its efforts has been the care of the native cultural heritage, such as granaries, paneras, fountains, mills, laundries, mansions and palaces. Also, natural spaces and routes as an intergenerational legacy of incalculable value.

The economy of this area is based on agricultural operations and beef and dairy cattle farming. These farms contribute to the conservation of meadows and pastures and function as firebreaks against possible forest fires. Livestock farming is complemented by plantations of pomaradas (apple trees), for the activity of three cider presses, and with the eucalyptus and pine forests. Felipe VI, Letizia and her daughters will tour one of these pomaradas, good and winepresses to learn about the production of sweet local apple juice in the field; They will greet the neighbors of Ruraltech and ranchers; and they will discover the commemorative plaque. Leonor will present the award and give a speech. The end of the party, the traditional picnic of the Royal Family with the neighbors in Arroes.