FC Barcelona recognizes that the ‘Negreira case’ “does not help” the club

Eduard Romeu, economic vice president: “We do not foresee any negative impact and it should not affect us”


The economic vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​Eduard Romeu, has recognized that the ‘Negreira case’ in general, not the accusation of president Joan Laporta for alleged bribery known this Wednesday, is something that “does not help” the club’s brand or its image, although it does not expect any direct “negative impact” on the coffers.

“Any unfavorable news doesn’t help, it’s true. Teammates who travel with the team hear very populist comments (in various LaLiga stadiums),” Romeu acknowledged at a press conference.

However, he clarified that the ‘Negreira case’ “should not affect” the economy. “Investors have made a great assessment of the possible impacts of the case and, although it obviously does not help, we do not foresee any negative impact,” he reiterated.

Regarding the accusation of bribery (alleged bribes) of President Joan Laporta, known on this day, Romeu did not make any assessment. “It is not in my area, it is in the hands of the club’s legal team. Nothing to comment on from the club,” he commented.

The Blaugrana entity does not rule out that the legal section decides to make some official communication shortly, although nothing is planned and work continues on the case in that legal area of ​​the entity.

The judge investigating the ‘Negreira case’ is investigating the president of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta for alleged bribery for payments during his first term (2003-2010), as he already did with the rest of those involved in the case.

In an order consulted by Europa Press this Wednesday, the judge extends the investigation – which already fell on Barça as a legal entity for the club’s payments to the former vice president of the Technical Arbitration Committee (CTA) José María Enríquez Negreira – also to the members of the Laporta Board of Directors “or that were integrated into the club’s organizational chart and had effective responsibility in making the decision to make payments.”

Negreira himself, his son Javier, former Blaugrana presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, former club directors Óscar Grau and Albert Soler and Negreira’s company DASNIL 95 SL are also being investigated.