Leonor takes refuge in London after uncovering her military crush in the royal kissing

His debut on Columbus Day in a military uniform has grabbed all the headlines in recent hours, in Spain and also outside of it. Leonor He swept away with his poise, his sweetness and also with those knowing looks at one of his colleagues from the Zaragoza Academy that have raised a whole tinderbox on social networks: “There is real salsa here,” they say.

However, it was not with this young man that the princess celebrated the party of October 12. Neither Zarzuela nor Zaragoza welcomed the Princess of Asturias after her debut in the Hispanic Heritage Parade as a lady-cadet in a military uniform. Leonor chose a slightly more remote destination to enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation with her family: London. She flew there as soon as she changed her clothes (jeans and sweatshirt) and even her hairstyle (from braided bun to ponytail) on the same afternoon of October 12.

The London capital has always been a refuge for the Spanish royal family, where they have great friends. Leonor is “resting and with the people she wanted to be with,” they have stated in VAV. Here he rests after a few hectic days between the Flag Oath and his debut on Columbus Day. He will spend the weekend before returning to Spain to face two new challenges: the swearing-in of the Constitution on his 18th birthday in Congress (with a private party after which the emeritus will attend) and the presentation of the Princess of Spain Awards. Asturias.

It will be just four days of leave for Leonor in which, unfortunately, she will not be able to meet her sister Sofía, who has been studying in Wales since last August and who will surely have heard the news of looks and smiles between her sister and the General’s colleague, the real gossip that sweeps social networks.