Leonor advances in her military training in La General. This week’s event at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza is celebrated this Tuesday, August 19, with the ceremony of handing over sabers, which symbolizes her obtaining the title of lady cadet. In this act, a second-year student presents a saber to a first-year student as a sign of camaraderie and guardianship. The Kings are not expected to attend, as they have events on their agenda in Barcelona this Monday the 18th (the La Vanguardia awards) and in Madrid on Tuesday the 19th, with the premiere of Medea to kick off the Teatro Real’s opera season.

The Princess of Asturias receives instructions in La General in general subjects along with other specific Infantry subjects, taught by AGM teachers. On October 15, at the flag-raising ceremony, the ladies and gentlemen cadets were presented with new backpack flags, as read in the tweet from MADOC, the official account of the Command and Training and Doctrine of the Army.

The presentation of sabers, which is part of the Military Instruction and Training program, is the prelude to the Flag Oath, next Saturday, October 7. Leonor follows in her father’s footsteps to the millimeter. The then Prince of Asturias swore the flag on October 11, 1985 and did so before his father, Juan Carlos I, who also reviewed the troops. Based on this script, it is most likely that Kings Felipe VI and Letizia will go to Zaragoza to see their eldest daughter swear the flag.

The sequence that we will see in this act will be the following. The director of the AGM, Manuel Pérez López, will pronounce these words: “Gentlemen and Ladies Ensigns Cadets, Cadets and Students, do you swear by God or do you promise by your conscience and honor to fulfill your military obligations, to keep and ensure that the Constitution is kept as a fundamental norm of the State, obey and respect the King and your leaders, never abandon them and, if necessary, give your life in defense of Spain?” Princess Leonor and the rest of the cadets will respond in unison using the formula: “Yes, we swear.”

A few days ago, at the opening ceremony of the Judicial Year, in an informal gathering with journalists, the King commented on the departure of his daughters, who have left the nest empty. Leonor, in Zaragoza, and Sofía, at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales. Regarding this absence at home, the monarch slipped: “The Queen and I are a little bored,” as reported by El Confidencial Digital.