Leonor and her work look in moss green: the princess returns to Congress

Leonor returns to Congress. He was sworn in to the Constitution when he turned 18 and, now, for the opening of the XV Legislature. Two fingers. The link between his image and the Constitution is strengthened. Same scenario in just a month. The Princess of Asturias has come from Zaragoza to attend the start ceremony of this third term for Pedro Sanchez, which is expected to be rough. A joint solemn session that took place in the Palace of Cortes before deputies and senators this Wednesday, November 29. The news of the day, expected and announced, has come from the pro-independence supporters, who have declined to attend. They stand up, once again, to the King, in charge of presiding over this act before the highest institutions of the State. This session arrives with the rattling of sabers that the amnesty law has generated. A polarized and tense scenario to the maximum.

The Kings, in the Rolls Royce, and their eldest daughter, in a second car, have arrived at the Palace of Cortes escorted by the motorcycle section of the Royal Guard and the Royal Escort Squadron. They have been received by four companies of the Army, the Navy, the Air and Space Army and the Civil Guard with Flag, a squad of spenders and the music band. A photograph very similar to that of the Princess’s Oath, but simpler and without the presence of Infanta Sofía, who is in Wales. Felipe VI, Letizia and Leonor have been received by President Sánchez and the Chief of the Defense Staff (JEMAD), Teodoro Esteban López Calderón. We have seen the Queen more relaxed than on the day of her daughter’s oath.

The sequence has been like this: The monarch, Letizia and Leonor have placed themselves on the red-carpeted podium of honor to listen to the national anthem. The princess, to the right of her father, wore the two medals from the Congress and the Senate that were awarded to her for her coming of age. The head of state has reviewed the Honors Battalion. Meanwhile, Letizia was walking with Sánchez and the Princess. They were talking. Afterwards, the procession, on the steps of the Carrera de San Jerónimo, reached the greeting line, formed by the president of Congress, Francina Armengol, and the president of the Senate, Pedro Rollán, and the rest of the members of the Tables of both chambers. Sánchez, who was one step ahead, gave the turn to Leonor. By protocol, it was her responsibility to go behind her mother in greeting.

The Kings and Leonor have followed the following route in the Palace. They have entered through the Lions Gate that gives access to the Lobby of Isabel II. From the Hall of Lost Steps they have arrived at the chamber, prepared for the joint session of deputies and senators. Once there they took their place in the presidential gallery. The heiress has sat to the left of her mother. Armengol has opened the session.

From the press gallery of the Cortes I have seen Leonor very focused. He listened carefully to every word Armengol said. She has chosen a two-tone look composed of a camel-colored wool coat, which we have seen on Letizia so many times, and for a moss green dress with a straight top, tight at the waist and a full skirt with a slight pleat. The best, the bell-cut sleeves. It is without a doubt, her most serene and adult dress.