Angel Cristo Jr: “A child does not have to see his mother naked with another man”

The gruesome details of the scandal that the son of Bárbara Rey and Ángel Cristo has uncovered have been spread throughout all of Telecinco’s programming. Morning, after-dinner, afternoon, night and weekends, Mediaset has recovered the effective meat grinder that gave it so many audience points in previous stages.

Last Friday, the new program Santi Acosta lit up the fireworks offering the surprising and explosive statements of Ángel Cristo Jr, that shoots against his own mother, accusing her of blackmailing Juan Carlos I, of putting sleeping pills in his bottles and forcing him to portray her in intimate situations with the previous head of state: “A child does not have to see his mother naked with another man”declares Sofía Cristo’s brother in another of the shots that Mediaset shows to promote the second installment of Friday, the Producciones Mandarina space that recorded up to ten hours of attacks against Bárbara Rey, his own mother, denying himself. On previous occasions he always defended her and painted her as a victim of her father’s abuse and addictions.

Now the tamer’s son changes the target and directs his darts towards Bárbara Rey’s alleged gambling addiction, about whom he says she gambled colossal amounts of money in the casinos. The Emeritus’ former lover’s love for gambling He has known each other for decades but now it is his own son who points out, without mincing words, that he stood up to the lenders and went through very unpleasant situations.

In the background, the family confrontation, with Ángel Cristo’s mother and sister on one side, leaking missiles to discredit Ángel Cristo: debts, accidents and other problems such as an alleged mental state of the tamer’s son are appearing in different media and through of several members.

To make matters worse, the war between Atresmedia and Mediaset, always competing for audiences, is the perfect breeding ground to prolong this war, necessary to fill hours of television in both media groups. Let’s not forget that Bárbara Rey is the protagonist of an Atresmedia series, of a documentary, she was invited to Risto Mejide’s Chester for a generous prize, she signed as a collaborator of Cuentos Chinos, she signed a program with Joaquín el Novato with her children… This It has only just begun.