Leonor already wears the military uniform: this has been her first day at the Military Academy of Zaragoza

The Bourbon lady-cadet has passed her first day of military training. She entered the Zaragoza Academy this Thursday with 612 other young people (140 of them women), the future of the Spanish Armed Forces, and she already wears her uniform with pride. As can be seen in these first images that the Royal House has provided this Friday, the daughter of King Felipe VI has chosen to collect her long hair in a low bun that she has fastened with a net and hairpins and that allows her to fit the hat perfectly regulatory.

The uniform is made up of a camouflage military shirt, whose sleeves are rolled up due to the heat, and cargo pants. It is the same one that they will wear in field activities and maneuvers. The princess of Asturias has removed her earrings (as required by Army regulations) and has attended training without a drop of makeup. Of course, she wears the multifunctional military watch on her right wrist.

The bugle call occurs at 6:30 in the morning. After washing up and having breakfast, the cadets line up in the patio before going to their classrooms. The images also show the lady-cadet Leonor at her desk and taking notes in a small notebook, as well as discovering the campaign belt and other daily items (such as the canteen) with the rest of her companions.

As we already published, Leonor’s academic plan has been adapted so that the heiress can take the first two years in one. The director of AGM recounted: “She will be incorporated with first-year students and will learn with them until October 7, when she will be sworn in. After that, she will go on to the second year.”

Leonor will go through the three Armies, Land, Sea and Air, following in the footsteps of her father. It will be three years in total before she finishes her military training and she begins the civil university with a law degree in the United States, as Casa Real has already announced.