Daniel Sancho will offer statements to the press in a few days: “He is on an emotional roller coaster but his mother has given him strength”

The presence of Silvia Bronchalo in the Koh Samui prison has been a true emotional tsunami for daniel sancho, who lives at the moment “on a roller coaster of emotions”. This Friday, after the second visit of her mother, the former actress has offered her first statements to the press and so has her companion and her liaison at the Spanish Embassy in Thailand, Vicente Cacho : “Today he was in a very high spirits, it was very good for him to see his mother. She is also calmer.”

The diplomat has affirmed that Daniel is “fully aware of everything that is happening and is very interested in knowing the coverage that the Spanish media are doing on the case.” In fact, he has advanced: “He will probably offer statements to the press eventually.”

Cacho has also explained that Sancho is receiving money (about 13 euros a day “to eat a little better”) and that he remains in the nursing cell due to a back problem: “He has a herniated disc and they have given him a mat so that “He sleeps on the floor. He shares the space with four other prisoners and he’s not wearing shackles or anything like that.” He has also recounted that “He does not receive psychological attention. Daniel has not cried, he is a strong guy and he remains that way.”