Lazio sign a young Ivorian with no experience in competitive football

Larsson Coulibaly is a 17 year old boy with powerful physical qualities. No competitive experience in your country, Ivory Coast, Lazio noticed him and brought him to Italy to join the youth team.

Lazio Shield / Flag

The president of the Italian team, Claudio Lotito, presented Coulibaly yesterday. The report collected by LazioNews24 details that several emissaries from Lazio visited the African country aware of their athletic skills. Once there, they verified the ability of the young man with the ball at his feet and decided to bet on him. Now he will join the U18 section of Lazio, directed by Tommaso Rocchi.

The director of the academy, Mauro bianchessi, praised his signing: “Until a few months ago, Coulibaly had never touched a ball, but we discovered great talent. He suffered a lot where he lived. It has great strength. I met him by chance“.

A good friend of Bianchessi, who is a social worker, told him to do him a personal favor and go see this young man. “We received a lot of reports, but this time I trusted him. It was a joy, a surprise, “says the head of the academy.

Adaptation will be essential for Coulibaly to develop his football. “He has talent, he has values, he has to learn the language well, but we signed him after a lot of effort. On December 28 he became a Lazio player with an Italian passport, “continues Bianchessi.

Football is unpredictable and now it has hit Coulibaly the opportunity to train with great athletes leaving behind a lot of suffering. With a correct soccer learning, who knows if Coulibaly ends up being the pride of his people.