Laura Pausini marries Paolo Carta after almost 20 years together and opens the wedding album: “We have said yes”

The Italian singer has given her followers good news to start Wednesday: she has revealed that, after 18 years together, she has finally said “yes, I want” to Paul Carta. His daughter Paola, ten years old, has enjoyed the wedding in the first person. What better witness for this very special celebration.

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Laura Pausini He has told it on Instagram. In five languages, all of which she speaks: Italian, English, Portuguese, French and, of course, Spanish: “We have said Yeah“. The interpreter of not instead she is full after this intimate ceremony with the love of her life. It is not for less.

After almost 20 years together, it seemed that this great day would never come. The singer has spoken of the desire that she had to get married on more than one occasion, but the big day resisted them. They had planned to get married in 2021, but the pandemic put a stop to their plans. They have finally found the big moment and they couldn’t be happier.

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The Italian diva, arm in arm with her father, Fabrizio Pausini, has opted for a groundbreaking bridal design. She has worn a minimal ivory dress combined with a jacket. As a classic detail, the veil and gloves. The music producer, for his part, has opted for a more informal black suit. Little Paola, who is already ten years old, has been the center of attention in a romantic-style children’s party dress, with a bodice and chiffon skirt with floral embroidery.

Laura and Paolo began their relationship in 2005: “It took me a long time to accept this love, but it was too strong. I never thought of replacing the mother of her children and I didn’t want our story to hurt the children,” the composer confessed in Any occasion. Paola came into the world in 2013, filling her parents with joy. Pausini was then 38 years old and had been trying to be a mother for a few years.

For a decade, the singer dated manager and producer Alfred Cerruti, protagonist of some of his best-known songs of heartbreak. “One day I went to give him a surprise at home and I took the surprise. The world fell on me. Until I saw it with my eyes, I didn’t believe it,” he confessed to Risto Mejide in 2015.