Luis Miguel He never confirms or denies anything related to his private life, especially if this information is related to his children, whom he has tried to protect since they were born. However, the latest news related to him and the mother of his teenage children, Aracely ArambulaThey have crossed all limits.

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So much so that, according to the greeting magazine this Wednesday, the singer of La Bikina has decided to take legal action against the medium that published that he would be arrested if he set foot in his country, Mexico. The reason was the lawsuit that his ex had allegedly filed against him, accusing him of breaching his obligations with the maintenance of the two children they have in common.

The artist’s entourage has spoken and has assured Hola, the magazine of his girlfriend, Paloma Cuevas, that the artist feels extorted: “He wants to show that he is not going to allow Miguel and Daniel to be used to extort him anymore.” Above all, he does not intend to allow them to use his younger children (Miguel is 16 years old and Daniel 14) to bring them out into the media arena and do them possible harm. In Informalia We already told the scoop that from Luis Miguel’s environment there was talk of “extortion” to refer to the treatment that Arámbula has given him.

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Aracely Arámbula’s own lawyer, Guillermo Pous, has already denied the news of the false arrest warrant to a Latin American media. It is not the first time that Aracely takes advantage of her relationship with the artist and the projection that all aspects related to her private life always have to seek prominence. This last point indicates the origin of this news item, which, as it was found, was spread by Aracely herself.