Laura Escanes announces that she is leaving social networks: “I want to focus on myself”

The ex-wife of Risto Mejide He is one of the most famous faces on Instagram. On his account, Laura Scanes He accumulates 1.9 million followers and is ranked number 8 in the ranking of the most followed Spanish instagramers on said social network, as stated by specialized websites.

However, that media exposure has taken its toll on a personal level. This Tuesday, the 27-year-old girl announced to her followers that she is temporarily leaving social networks.

“I have decided to take advantage of these weeks that I am with the dwarf and I have no work commitments to disconnect from social networks. A few years ago I told myself that I was going to do it at least once a year and now the time has come,” he wrote. Laura in a stories.

In order not to worry his community, Escanes has explained that he is not leaving for a specific reason but to focus on his personal growth: “Everything is fine, there is nothing to worry about. I feel like focusing on myself, just like that. I love you” .

A few days ago, the bride Alvaro de Luna explained what he was feeling a lot of pressure also due to his relationship with the singer and the expectations of his fans. “I have seen comments of ‘buah, I only have to trust Laura and Álvaro … which I know is a joke, but that generates heavy pressure. It can be screwed, “she assured.