Last ‘Sálvame Fashion Week’: from Belén Esteban’s taunts to Mediaset, to the Terelu accident

bethlehem esteban He lived a very special day this Friday, after presenting the new proposal of his brand in the morning, Flavors of the Estebanand enjoy at night the save me fashion weekthe last big party organized by Save me before disappearing from the programming grid. The occasion was painted bald to interrupt, claim and establish itself as the leader of sarcasm towards Mediaset managers: “Thank you, Mediaset!”. While she and everyone enjoyed her, her partner Terelu Campos he broke his big toe in one of the rehearsals, in keeping with the eventful tradition of the event.

Indeed, Terelu suffered an accident this Friday night during the broadcast of the save me fashion week. The presenter broke her big toe in one of the rehearsals and the medical team had to inject her toe so that she could continue with the parade. Unfortunately, it now seems common for one of the collaborators to suffer injuries in these historic events for television.

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Unlike what happened with Chelo Garcia Cortes In the 2022 edition, the largest of the Campos has been able to continue with total normality each and every one of the passes that it had planned.

Once the setback was overcome, Esteban, surrounded by colleagues in the same situation of future unemployment who enjoyed everything they could, interrupted the presentation of the gala to name all those responsible for having kept the program at the top during its almost three decades on antenna.

“I think I speak on the lips of all my colleagues. I want to thank a production company called La Fábrica de la Tele, I want to thank Oscar Cornejo y Adrian Madridour bosses, production, scriptwriters, all the people above…”, were the words with which Belén started her small and direct speech for those present and absent at the gala.

And then he did not stop when it came to “thanking” the directors who now leave them stranded, the new managers of the television group, Alessandro Salem y Borja Prado: “But, above all, I am going to say one thing, which is going to seem a bit strange, but I am going to say it: Thank you, Mediaset! For letting us do TV for 14 years that has made many people happy. Thank you !”.

With the conspicuous absence due to being on leave Jorge Javier Vázquez, As Patiño recalled, with “you are here with us, because you will always be”, the official collaborators of the program took advantage of the catwalk to make a clear message: “The journey is always worth it, only what is forgotten dies. Save me will live forever, because your support makes us eternal, and the end is its beginning…”.

Adela Gonzalez y Maria Patino were in charge of presenting the fourth edition of the Spanish fashion show on the programme, which this time honored Lola Flores. Patiño, very moved, revealed what she felt: “This sentence says a lot, it is what we feel and want to convey.” She thanked the viewers, she insisted that “we want to continue making them enjoy.”

Adela also recalled the time that the program has been leader of the grid: “We are with all our colleagues, with all the people who accompany us here, and with all the people who have been there every day for 14 years.”