Lara Dibildos reappears with Escassi after her breakup with Conde-Púmpido: “She was at the top of the gulf”

A Lara Dibildos love broke with Cándido Conde-Púmpido Jr. just a few months after beginning her relationship with the son of the president of the Constitutional Court. “Everything has been very nice and very good during the summer but we haven’t gotten over the return to school. What are we going to do? Nothing’s wrong,” confessed Laura Valenzuela’s daughter, who found a shoulder in Conde-Púmpido. the one to cry after the death of his mother in March of this year.

This Thursday, the actress and presenter appeared on Masterchef Celebrity to accompany your ex, Alvaro Muñoz Escassi, during one of the culinary talent tests. In the program, which was recorded a few months ago, they seemed very complicit, showing once again that they are two very well-matched exes: “I didn’t give much for you, but I know that you are a hard worker and that you achieve what you set out to do.” , Lara said about her ex’s participation in the La 1 contest.

The rider responded: “Let them tell you, right?” After letting out a few laughs, Dibildos replied: “Then you forget a little… But, well, for our son and me you don’t just have to reach the final. You have to win.”

During the program, Lara also recalled what the relationship between the two was like: “We were a couple 18 years ago. We were in our early thirties. He was at the top of his game, very unfocused and clueless. He didn’t make a single fried egg. I see him now, so focused, completely different. At a good time, green sleeves. I would have liked to catch him like that.” For more than two years, the rider has been going out with Maria Jose Suarez.

Lara and Álvaro began dating in 2005 but broke up permanently two years later, just a few months after the birth of their son together. Alvaro, and after constant rumors of infidelities. “Escassi was unfaithful to me a week after we met,” Dibildos herself acknowledged in an interview with the canceled Deluxe. Throughout these years their relationship has been very close, always thinking about Álvaro’s good. So much so that his other daughter, Anna Barranchina, the result of a previous relationship, came to live with Lara in Madrid and, like her father, has also accompanied her in the most difficult moments of her life, such as the death of her mother just a few months ago. They are like a family.