Kiko Hernández and Fran Antón are already husband and wife: the wedding that brings together part of the Sálvame universe

At 47 years old, Kiko Hernandez has abandoned her single life after contracting a civil marriage with her fiancé, the actor and producer Fran Antón, five years younger than the former big brother. This Saturday, Fadela Mohatar, Cultural Minister of Melilla, is in charge of officiating the ceremony in the golden hall of the Melilla town hall, a very beautiful corner of the city where the love between the two was born, a town that has welcomed the loved ones of the couple and some 300 guests, among whom are very well-known faces, although there have also been marked absences, such as those of Belen Esteban o Maria Patiño.

Kiko Matamoros did attend, although he went without his wife, the model Marta López Álamo who is working in Milan (Italy). Coto Matamoros’ twin brother has posed with Miguel Temprano and Diego Arrabal, two of the paparazzi who traveled to North Africa to try to get a piece of the wedding.

The groom’s first and only girlfriend, Patricia Ledesma, did not want to miss the event. Let us remember that the bride and groom had sexual relations in Guadalix’s house 21 years ago, exhibiting the first duvet and the first hour without cameras of the reality which Mediaset has just recovered in its VIP format. The Andalusian woman came accompanied by her husband, Roberto Zapata.

Some media put the number of attendees at 300 guests, although other sources put the number of attendees who have gathered to witness the oath of eternal love between Kiko and Fran up to 400. They will witness how Kiko and Fran seal their love. The former big brother’s mother, her two daughters and her sister were in the front row while Kiko became Fran Antón’s husband.

The two daughters of Kiko Hernández

The two girls, with the permission of the bride and groom, are the other protagonists of the celebration, since they have had an important role. “I start to cry because of how beautiful what we have organized for them is,” Kiko said before revealing that they will bear the last name of the actor she just married. “Yes. They are my daughters and yours, they love each other. First they called him ‘daddy two’, and I told them: ‘No, not daddy two, dad,'” she said in Lecturas weeks ago.

Kiko remembered the day they met. “It was the time we took photos of the kiss in the theater. I told one person ‘get in the way’, because the girl was four and a half years old and she wasn’t going to understand. That’s when she met one of them. Later, “We came home here to do the last rehearsal of ‘Distinto’. Fran was with the girls all the time. He is very nanny. Every time we finished a performance he came. There is a moment when they call him dad without knowing anything,” he said. in his day.

Kiko’s twin daughters, Abril and Jimena, were born in California in January 2017 through surrogacy. The birth was premature, which caused some health problems in the little ones, especially one of them, and a lot of concern for her father. After the birth of the girls, who are now six years old, Kiko moved to Madrid. She left the four-story one she had and acquired a larger one more prepared to raise her daughters alone.

The distressing mishap of Lydia Lozano and Pilar Vidal at the wedding

Lydia Lozano and Pilar Vidal, Kiko’s colleagues in Sálvame, are also in Melilla. The journalists did not want to miss the ‘yes, I do’ and have been sharing on social networks the details of a trip that began in an eventful way. Both have been recorded when they have been trapped in an elevator. “Just arrived at the wedding and locked in the elevator,” Pilar wrote. “Everything in the elevator has turned off and we are here…” Lydia says in the video. “We’re locked in!” Pilar is heard saying as she records her partner while they press the alarm button to call for help. “I’m speechless, I want to go out!” Lozano shouted, dying of laughter.

Everything was a shock and both were able to enjoy a pre-wedding in the form of dinner in which Lydia dared to dance the mythical chuminero before the gaze and applause of the public. “Dance for digestion,” reads Pilar’s comment on the video of the funny moment when the journalist starts dancing. After sealing their love, everyone moved to the Meliá Puerto hotel to celebrate the party where, in addition to those we have already mentioned, there are Laura Fa, Chelo García Cortés, Marta López and Josep Ferré.

The love story of Kiko Hernández and Fran Antón

Although some sources claim that they had already seen each other before, officials say that Kiko and her husband met during rehearsals for the play Distinto. “At first he was a normal companion, I didn’t feel anything when I saw him,” Kiko declared today. Then, “a person started bitching at both of us,” which caused the two to get closer “every day, a more intimate relationship,” said the former big brother. For Kiko this is “the most beautiful love story” he has ever experienced in his life (we don’t know many more of him) and it was he who jumped in after leaving the theater one day: “When we left there, we held each other’s hands, we held each other’s a taxi and we decided that we wanted to be together, I was the one who took the first step, I kissed him, he freaked out,” Kiko admitted.

It was Sálvame, on June 13, when Hernández finally admitted the relationship: “Our dates were very fun because they were somewhat clandestine, until photos of us started appearing everywhere,” he said. “I have found the man of my life, the best father who can help me on this path I have with my daughters and the person I love most in this world.” As soon as her vacation began in August, she surprisingly shared the first photo of her twins with Fran Antón.