After living a sad week due to the loss of her friend María Jiménez, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo He was seen this Friday at an event wearing a smile from ear to ear. She spoke to the media and sent a message to Queen Letizia for her 51st birthday.

“I admire her very much,” Eugenia began by saying, reflecting what the monarch’s wife means to her and was quick to send her a message full of affection for her birthday: “Congratulations, Your Majesty, because you failed.”

In addition, she takes the opportunity to show off the pride she feels in the Royal House: “I am super proud of my kings, of Queen Letizia and I wish her everything, all the best,” she said. “I think she is an impressive role model.”

The daughter of the Duchess of Alba, Almost four years older than Letizia, she recalled that every time she has been able to be with the Queen she has been very affectionate and has shown a lot of respect to her: “Every time I have seen her she has always been very affectionate and I thank her very much.” . Furthermore, Eugenia also agrees in the fight to value low-cost fashion and Spanish designs: “A lot, a lot, and I love that; and also for low-cost fashion, which I am very much like that too and I love that.” .

Finally, Eugenia confessed to us that although she misses Tana Rivera At home, she is happy about her happiness in this new stage of her life: “Yes, well, but as long as she is happy, she is delighted, great.”