Kate Middleton stands up to the pressures in the middle of cancer treatment: “She doesn’t care what other people think”

Almost three months have passed since the Princess of Wales announced, through a video recorded from the gardens of her residence, that she is fighting cancer diagnosed after abdominal surgery. A very complicated situation that he has decided to live in the strictest privacy to focus all his energies on recovery, unlike his father-in-law, who is fighting the same disease but resumed his institutional agenda and public appearances just three weeks after beginning his illness. treatment. The absence of Kate Middleton of the public sphere has made certain members of the government and Buckingham himself very nervous, fearful of the reputational damage it may cause, but the wife of the Prince Guillermo is not willing to give in to pressure: “He doesn’t really care what other people think.”

This is stated by a person very close to Kate Middleton in New York Post: “She doesn’t put pressure on herself to do anything or see anyone because the deadlines in a situation like this can make recovery much more stressful. She doesn’t really care what other people think.” At 42 years old, the princess’s priority is both her well-being and that of her three children, George, Charlotte y Louiseand he is precisely taking advantage of this time of retirement to spend more time with them. “He is trying to make life as normal as possible for his children”, says this friend. “Kate spends time relaxing when the kids are at school, so she can be the most optimistic version of herself when the kids are home. They’ve had a tough time and she makes an effort to do activities together and have fun.”

It also reveals that the princess is extremely diligent with her medical appointments and follows the experts’ instructions to the letter: “She is very focused on getting better,” the source said. She is evolving slowly but favorably and has not lost her sense of humor: “William is worried but she assures him that everything will be fine, even joking about all the money she saves on clothes by skipping royal events.”

Pressures from the dome

But not everyone supports Kate Middleton’s behavior in these last three months. The lack of information in the first weeks generated a communication crisis at Kensington Palace and they do not want to make the same mistakes. There they are anxious for the princess’s public reappearance and are pressing to force it to happen as soon as possible: “It is an open secret that the Prime Minister’s Government has been putting pressure on the royal family and in particular, Kate Middleton for weeks. The Sunak Government wants the wife of Prince William of England to appear in public again urgently”, said political expert Patrick Handscombe. “His reappearance would substantially increase the ‘well-being’ factor of British public opinion regarding the monarchy and the situation in the country. Currently, an atmosphere of general unrest reigns in Great Britain that coincides in time with the elections of the new parliament that will take place at the beginning of July”.

Handscombe affirms that “citizens blame the Government for the tense atmosphere that reigns in the country and a Kate Middleton in good spirits and recovered would help calm the air”, but despite the pressures the decision is in Kate’s hands alone. : “Sunak cannot force her.”