Ayoze: “It is a job of many years, I see this reward now and I think it is wonderful”


The Spanish international footballer Ayoze Pérez stated this Friday that due to his “work of many years” he has achieved “this reward now”, which he has defined as “wonderful”, after having entered Luis de la Fuente’s list for play the men’s Euro Cup, scheduled from June 14 to July 14 in Germany.

“In this year and some at Betis, I have been rewarded in this way. and that level of maturity and that football level have brought me here. At the end of the day it is a job of many years, I see this reward now and I think it is a wonderful reward for representing your country in such an important event,” commented Ayoze at a press conference from the Estadi Mallorca Son Moix.

“It may be, but I don’t give it more importance than it has,” he answered a journalist’s question about whether he felt unknown to the Spanish fans. “In the end I have had a very good career in the Premier, a very prestigious league, it was nine years of a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice and in the end it is the accumulation of all the years to reach this moment,” argued Ayoze.

Being included by De la Fuente on that list for the EURO generated “a lot of happiness” and also “a lot of excitement.” “I immediately went to my family, to those closest to me, to give them that great news. They will be a little upset by the colleagues who have to leave us, it is a somewhat complicated situation but in the end we all deserved to be there and I am sure that from the beginning distance they will be supporting us,” he added.

“I arrived with the very clear idea of ​​doing my best, of showing what I can offer, of contributing my grain of sand, of giving my best and in the end it is the coach who decides. Everything starts from the performance with my club Also, then it is not only reduced to these days, which have been very good,” he warned in this regard.

Not in vain, against Andorra he scored a goal and had a very outstanding performance. “The other day was a positive game on my part and in the end the coach’s decision was positive for me. And very happy, very happy, obviously grateful to the coach for trusting me, for the opportunity, for the trust and with all the world’s excitement to face this Euro Cup,” said the Real Betis Balompié forward.

In this sense, he dedicated “words of gratitude” to the Betic club and his teammates. “In the end they have also been a small part of this by helping me throughout the year to achieve good results and have good performances,” he stressed. “And especially to Isco, who unfortunately has gone through this injury that we all know about. He was in a great moment, he could also be one of the chosen ones,” he said about Isco Alarcón.

On the other hand, he analyzed the ‘Red”s offensive options. “We are all different from each other. I think that is something positive in the attacking aspect. There are players with different characteristics. These days that I have been closer with my teammates, sharing training and specific moments, in the end we look at each other the others in performances, actions, etc.,” Ayoze stressed.

“I am aware that we have a great team, a great team, and in the scoring aspect I would not have any worries. I know that those we have at the top have enough capacity to score many goals, they are players who have demonstrated it for many years, they have made very good numbers. I repeat, the mix of the different types of players we have in that attacking aspect is very good,” he insisted.

Likewise, he listed qualities that have helped him be in the EURO. “The truth is that a lot of work, goals, assists and also by age well that degree of experience too, in that sense with all the enthusiasm and desire in the world. In the end contributing my grain of sand to the team in the best possible way and above all everything in what the coach considers appropriate,” he described his work in De la Fuente’s group.

“To all the things I would say yes,” he responded about whether he deserved to be international for Spain. “Soccer-wise and by level of maturity, there are many factors that come together and that’s why I also feel that it is my best moment, I feel very confident, in that state of happiness in which things turn out much better for you,” projection.

“Despite having spent nine years in the Premier, with a good performance, some titles and good performances, in the end in general I would say that this is my best moment due to many circumstances, due to that degree of maturity, due to the level of football” , he finally repeated.