Kate Middleton, decorated by her father-in-law in the midst of her fight against cancer: the unusual decision of Charles III

Almost a month has passed since the Princess of Wales announced that she suffers from cancer in a video that went around the world. Since then, the media pressure on her has been reduced to a minimum and she is recovering in the tranquility of Anmer Hall, where this Tuesday they celebrated as a family the seventh birthday of the youngest in her house, Prince Louise. However, it is not the only thing she has celebrated today Kate Middleton: Charles IIIin a new display of affection and respect for his daughter-in-law, has named her a member of the Order of the Companions of Honor.

The decision is historic, since the wife of William of England has become the first royal to be part of the order, a community created by King George V in recognition of achievements in fields such as the arts, literature, music, sciences, politics, industry or the religion. Among the best-known members of the list are the actresses Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, the scientist David Attenborough, the singer Paul McCartney and the Harry Potter writer, JK Rowling, who was the last to enter, seven years ago.

The relationship between Kate Middleton and Charles III is very close. The monarch, in fact, has gone so far as to say that he considers his daughter-in-law ‘the daughter he never had’. In recent weeks they have come together more, if possible, because fate has wanted them to share the same illness at the same time: cancer. Both were admitted to the London Clinic last January; She underwent scheduled abdominal surgery, he underwent prostate hypertrophy. Postoperative tests, in both cases, revealed that there were cancer cells. Both receive treatment to fight the disease, which they face with the same fortitude.

In addition, the king has also appointed this Tuesday Grand Master of the Honorable Order of Bath to his son, Prince William, in charge of replacing him while the illness requires it. The queen camillaalso at the head of the institution during her husband’s convalescence, has been appointed Grand Master and Principal Lady of the Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.