Kang-in Lee comes to the rescue

Kang-in Lee, canterano who Peter Lim it makes gazelle eyes but it looks more outside than in next year for the little it plays, gave Valencia a break and a burning nail to fuck. Thanks to their goal in the 89th minute, the Black and White broke their streak of four games without winning, thus giving him his first Voro win. Thus, the Valencia will continue one more day fighting to get into Europe, a fight of which Newcomer Víctor García was close to kicking him when he equalized the initial goal of Maxi Gómez. Those of Sergio González they ran out of mathematical permanence, although next year Real Valladolid will return safe for Mestalla. Many stars have to align to the contrary.

Coaches in football times every three days can be guided by generic styles of their rivals but not by specific names. Voro only repeated four footballers in their eleven with respect to Granada (Paulista, Soler, Parejo and Gameiro). For rotating Voro he even changed goalkeepers (Jaume by Cillessen) and gave gallons in eleven to the young man Adrian Guerrero. Sergio González still led a major revolution at Real Valladolid, with only three of those who beat Alavés on Saturday (Masip, Joaquín and San Emeterio); with the debut in Primera de Victor Garcia and with that of Kiko Pérez of holder

Voro's men got in earlier and better in the game. To Kondogbia (which should have been kicked out in the last few sighs) he was plugged in and when the Frenchman is in a state of grace he is a player of another level. Valladolid appeared only when Ben Arfa did. So little by little Masip was seen more than Jaume. An auction of Maxi, a lack of Equal or a shot of his own Kondogbia were the black and white notices. However, the first great occasion of the afternoon was Waldo, who found a crack in the back of Florenzi and stood before Jaume, who guessed the intention.

That occasion encouraged the pucelanos and shortly after, Víctor García tried again. But An error in Unal's pass caused a counterattack that Maxi Gómez, after assistance from Gameiro, did not forgive. Thus the charrúa broke five months in a row. Maxi Gómez celebrated his goal with anger. The Uruguayan had reasons. He came from being the protagonist of one of the many sets that Celades found on the street and it had been five months since he had a goal to sing to his mouth. Despite this, he is the top scorer in the league for the Ché team (9 goals). That data is one of many, although not the most relevant, that explain why Valencia is not fighting for levels more in line with its potential (166 million squad cost).

But ValenciaThis being another of his ills, much more serious than the private account of Maxi, It is a team that leaves its goal at zero from grapes to pears and was not going to do it this time. Vctor García, who as a child went to Mestalla with his uncle and whom his agent nicknamed the Toro de Xeraco to give his footballer media packaging, signed the tie shortly after the second half begins. His family and friends would celebrate just 50 kilometers from Mestalla. So close and so far, because surely they would have been in the stands if the situation were different. The goal by the way was from the pucelana factory: Kike opened to Waldo and this center to Víctor.

The tie caused the second half to have another script that it looked like it was going to have and the changes gave another rhythm to the game. Sergio González was how brave the classification allowed him to be and he was close to taking the victory. The output of Hervías and Guardiola they packed their attack and had it not been for Jaume's feline reflexes, the pucelanos would have left Mestalla with the mathematical permanence in their pockets. But soccer, this time, was benevolent to Valencia, than thanks to a shot from the front of Kang-in Lee he achieved a victory that in the midst of a structural crisis it tastes like glory and that places you only one point from the Real society, which receives Thursday the Pomegranate and travels on Monday to Villarreal.


Ruben Alcaraz (45 ', Fede), Sandro (58 ', Víctor García), Hervías (58 ', Ben Arfa), Sergi Guardiola (58 ', Enes Unal), Manu Vallejo (63 ', Gameiro), Lee Kang-In (63 ', Carlos Soler), Coquelin (63 ', Even), Wass (74 ', Florenzi), Cheryshev (81 ', Adrián Guerrero), Javier Sánchez (83 ', Kike)


1-0, 29 ': Maxi Gomez, 1-1, 46 ': Victor Garcia, 2-1, 88 ': Lee Kang-In


Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
VAR Referee: Valentín Pizarro Gómez
Adrian Guerrero (71 ', Yellow) Kondogbia (74 ', Yellow) Gonçalo Guedes (90 ', Yellow