2-4. Rayo beats depressed Real Zaragoza and signs up for Promotion

Rayo Vallecano, with his victory at the La Romareda stadium about a depressed Real Zaragoza (2-4) and that he still does not win at home in the postcoronavirus era, he aims to promote Promotion to the First Division, which after the victory in the Aragonese capital has only two points left.

To the Aragonese group the stop due to the pandemic has disrupted it the idyllic panorama that was presented to him when he was immersed in a great streak and in his best moment of play because he still does not know how to adapt to the new times.

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This, together with the weakness he is showing in his stadium, where he has lost all the games he has played in the return without an audience, four, it has been something that the Madrid team has perfectly taken advantage of to re-engage in the fight for promotion, being able to turn a scoreboard that went uphill as soon as the match began.

Despite the defeat to Real Zaragoza the numbers continue to balance because Huesca and Almería feed you with their mistakes. Even with the defeat, he remains third tied with the second classified, Huesca, but the vibrations he emits on the field of play are very far from those of yesteryear and may not be enough to achieve direct promotion if they do not improve.

The Maño team needed confidence after the bad previous results and the early goal achieved in minute 5, on his first arrival at goal, was given.

'Pichu' Atienza scored after a foul taking advantage of a loose ball in the area, in a Puado hairstyle, and scored as an accomplished striker, on the half-turn.

Both did not make a dent in the Madrid team that took possession of the ball, especially from the middle stretch of this period.

Paco Jémez's team, moreover, was able to reach the local area with some regularity although he lacked precision in the last pass as he scored what could have been two or three good assists because they did not reach their destination when they had a player in good disposition of auction.

Real Zaragoza was unable to recover the ball and is a team that suffers when it does not have it. Rayo did not finish on goal but the approaches gave an indication that at any moment the situation could change.

Juan Villar, in the 34th minute, had the option of a draw with a head butt in a foreshortening that miraculously saved Cristian Álvarez, but curiously the equalizer came when the owners of the land seemed to have slightly shaken off the pressure and foreign dominance, in the last minutes of the first period.

A ball hung in the area was rejected in a short header, which was used, again a Juan Villar very active to, soon bounce, send the ball to the net and balance the figures of the scoreboard thanks to his insistence and his bet to go for the game.

Neither the tie nor the break stopped the rayista momentum that continued to dominate and that turned the scoreboard shortly after restarting the game, in the 51st minute, after a great move by De Frutos that served a free ball for Juan Villar to score his secondor so much at night.

And in full local confusion, and three minutes later, “Alvaro “García took advantage of what has been a constant zaragocista, a very serious error back, in this case of 'Pichu' Atienza who served the ball to his opponent so that he ended up scoring and sentencing the contest.

With time ahead, the 'blanquillo' team changed their attitude and with everything lost they had no choice but to go upstairs and risk.

He managed to shorten distances thanks to Javi Puado, in the 60th minute, who went for speed and beat Stole Dimitrievski with a petroleum jelly and, unlike the first half, brought more danger to the area of ​​the red-headed team.

However, Lightning did not tremble and ended up sentencing with el 2-4, the work of Trejo, already in time of extension.

– Data sheet:

2 – R. Zaragoza: Cristian Álvarez; Vigaray (Delmás, m.72), Atienza, Clemente, Nieto; Raúl Guti, Eguaras, Dani Torres (Soro, m.52), Burgui (Alex Blanco, m.72); Puado and Linares (Pereira, m.87).

4 – Rayo Vallecano: Dimitrievski; Tito (Advíncula, m.46), Saveljich, Catena, Saúl García; Álvaro, Trejo, Mario Suárez (Oscar Valentín, m.46), De Frutos (Isi, m.75); Juan Villar (Comesaña, m.62) and Qasmi (Velázquez, m.81).

Goals: 1-0. M.5. Atienza; 1-1. M.45 + 2. Juan Villar; 1-2. M.51. Juan Villar; 1-3. M.54. Alvaro; 2-3. M.60. Handful; 2-4. M.93. Trejo.

Referee: Ocón Arráiz (Riojano Committee. He warned locals Delmás (m.87), Soro (m.90) and Pereira (m.92) and the visitors Saúl (m.25), Mario Suárez (m. 34) and Advíncula (m.64).

Incidents: match corresponding to day 38 of the Second match played at the La Romareda stadium behind closed doors.