Kalina from Bulgaria: the truth about the traffic accident and her incident with the police

Not a scratch on the car, or excess alcohol in the driver. The alleged accident Kalina of Bulgaria in the country of his father, the king Simeonwhere the princess resides with her husband Kitin Munoz and his son Simeon, has been a total nonsense on the part of a security guard and the Bulgarian press.

This Sunday, the news broke that Kalina had gone out in her car in search of one of her dogs, which had been lost and during a stop at a restaurant. Returning to the car, the driver had driven it into the parking barrier. Because of the accident, the police had given him a breathalyzer test and it had come back positive.

The truth is that there was no such crash, but a scratch when starting, which did not damage the vehicle or the parking barrier. But a parking attendant approached the car in a very rude manner, took the car keys from the princess and organized a mess, with the consequent repercussions in the press, although nothing had actually happened.

Kalina and her companion, the governess of her father’s residence, had made a stop in their search, in a restaurant for a drink and the glass of white wine “turned” into an alcohol overdose and false news.

By the way, the missing pet was not a dog, but a parrot that lives with the family and that was finally in the window of the house of a lady in the area.

Through the Europa Press and EFE agencies, the explorer and adventurer Kitin Munoz has sent communications to clarify what happened. The one from the official Spanish news agency reads like this: “My wife doesn’t drink. Neither she nor I. We are both athletes. That saying that I was drunk is so alien, so untrue…”, said Muñoz in a telephone conversation with EFE in which he reacted to the news that his wife had collided with a barrier in a parking lot in the Bulgarian town of Borovitz.

Various Bulgarian media claim that Kalina from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Gomez-Acebo he had crashed into the parking barrier while intoxicated, with no one injured. However, Muñoz assured that the 51-year-old princess barely hit the barrier because she was going “very slowly” when reversing the car.

He also denied that he had refused to give a blood sample for a breathalyzer test, as stated by the private Bulgarian radio station NEW TV. “There is none of that. The police have been wonderful to us,” she said.

“All the scandal that has been set up is an exaggeration. The car is not even touched. I, who am a sailor, who have crossed the Pacific, what I see is a storm in a glass of wine,” said the navigator and scientist.

“There was a man there who called the police, the press,” Muñoz commented. He explained that the man, apparently a security guard at the place, raised his voice to his wife and put his arm through the car window to try to get the keys from her, something he did, albeit with such abrupt gestures that it scared Kalina and the woman who was with her. , and also left his stomach sore and red. “Later, the man was laughing with a partner,” he added.

This Saturday, the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior confirmed to EFE that it had received a call saying that a car had crashed into a barrier at the exit of a parking lot. “A patrol that immediately went to the place identified the driver, a 51-year-old woman,” a ministry spokeswoman said at the time.

The source, who did not reveal the identity of the driver, said that “after a test with a technical device, the sample gave more than 1.2 per thousand of alcohol in the expired air”, after which the woman was to be ” accompanied by police officers to a medical center to take a blood sample.

“There was no blood test, nor did she refuse anything,” Muñoz said. The princess was subjected to the first breathalyzer test, the result of which Muñoz attributes to “a glass of wine” that she drank to accompany a “typical Bulgarian pepper.”

“My wife was upset because she had lost a pet. I was in a lake, they called me, I arrived, and I thought a dog had been lost, but no, the macaw had been lost,” explained Kalina’s husband, highlighting how much she loves animals. The princess and the macaw, who is two years old and has been a gift from him, “are like skin and nails,” he commented.

The bird normally lives “free throughout the house” and usually perches on her shoulder. “The main and best news is that the macaw has reappeared” thanks to citizen help, as it appeared this afternoon in the window of a house from where they called us, since we had posted a photo on Facebook,” said Muñoz.

“That is the beautiful happy ending of this story,” concluded the husband of the only daughter of Simeon of Saxony, the last king and former prime minister of Bulgaria, giving his version of events.