Julio José Iglesias responds to the accusations of his ex Vivi Domenico: “Unfaithful? Never in life”

Live Di Domenico (30) had been in a sentimental relationship for a year and a half with Julio Jose Iglesias (50) when the news of their breakup broke. Only two months later, the son of Isabel Preysler has publicly declared his love for Ariadna Romero (36) and the Italian model took a step forward to put the dots on the i’s: “We had a very strong fight, I left home and a week later they sent me the pictures of him with this girl.”

The son of Julio Iglesias has already responded to the woman he presented as a ghost (with a sheet included) in a publicity act. This Sunday he was asked about it upon his arrival at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport: “Unfaithful? Never in his life. Impossible.” Tamara Falcó’s brother has been cautious when talking about this and other issues, although he has said that he is “very well” with his new girlfriend, Ariadna Romero.

The singer’s new girlfriend is a Cuban model who achieved popularity thanks to her participation in different Italian programs, such as dancing with the stars, beijing expresssy survivors. She debuted as an actress in the 2011 film finally happiness and also participated in the video clip Boom Boomde Mitch and Shark.

Romero is divorced, like Julio José, who separated Charles Verhaert at the beginning of 2021 after around seventeen years of relationship and eight of marriage. In 2013, Romero married the Italian basketball player Lorenzo Gergatti, a union that barely lasted two years. He rebuilt his life with the model model Pierpaolo Pretelli and in 2017 she had her first and only child, Leonardowith which Julio José gets along wonderfully.