Julio José Iglesias answers openly: this is his true relationship with his father

On February 25, the second son of Isabella Preysler y Julio Iglesias He was half a century old. Because it is a special anniversary, Julio Jose organized a party in Madrid this Thursday to celebrate his 50th birthday with all his closest friends and family, how we published.

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With the sympathy and education that characterizes him, He attended the media and spoke openly about what he thinks about his sister’s reconciliation with Inigo Onieva: “The one who has to like it is her,” he said. Also, she dropped some dart aimed at her mother’s ex-boyfriend, Mario Vargas Llosa: “I don’t know if he behaved well or badly with my mother, but my parents have a very nice, very respectful relationship, and if he (Julio Iglesias) has come out to defend her from Vargas Llosa, it’s for a reason.”

This Sunday, the singer was still wanting to talk, but this time to confess in a more intimate way before Toni Moreno in Afternoon plan. “The longest time you’ve spent with your father was when you went with him to give concerts?” the Andalusian presenter asked him.

“Definitely. When we went to live in the United States, we saw my father only once a month or, sometimes, once every two months because my father was traveling and did not stop,” confesses the also model.

“And when I had the opportunity to go on tour with him in 2014-2015, it was when we spent the most time together. I spent a month having breakfast, lunch and dinner with him,” he recalls, adding with a big smile on his face: “It was very nice because I haven’t had the opportunity to spend so much time with him for many years, since he was very little”.

Precisely the loneliness that the queen of hearts experienced in that marriage with the interpreter of I’m a knave, I’m a lord That he was then becoming a global star, according to what they say, was one of the reasons why they decided to separate in 1978. Now, with a much calmer life, Julio can enjoy being with his children. “I saw him 15 days ago at his house in Punta Cana and I talk to him once a week,” says Julio José.