Julián Contreras' last dart to his brother Fran: “He was ashamed of our mother”

Frank Rivera This Friday he will offer a new interview on Telecinco in which he will talk again about his mother, Carmina Ordoñez. The bullfighter regretted the mistreatment that she reported without being heard, as well as the drug addiction that he carried until his death, almost two decades ago. Some statements that his brother did not like, Julian Contreraswhich denies the closeness that the right-hander claims to have had with his mother.

Julián does not understand why his brother is now talking about his mother. In fact, he believes that it is only due to an economic benefit, which is why he calls him “an emotional patient with money,” as reported this Friday by Alexia Rivas on Telecinco. “Julián told me that Fran was ashamed of her mother, Carmina, of her,” she revealed.

It is not the first time that Julián charges against his brother Fran. A few days ago he said that he found it “incredible to read and hear certain things.” “Are you aware now of what happened to our mother? At a good time…”, he said, stressing that the bullfighter “never found out” about the problem his mother had with drugs. “He should be more informed,” he added.

Fran Rivera's statements

The son of Carmina Ordóñez and Francisco Rivera followed in the footsteps of Ángel Cristo Jr and Isa Pantoja and sat down to talk about his family on Friday! A space in which he vented about the problems that his mother had in the last stage of his life. The divine' He died on July 23, 2004 after suffering a heart attackand her body was found in the bathtub of her house in Madrid, when she had been mired in addictions for a long time.

“Drugs are a terrible disease. In the house he enters, he destroys it. And my mother couldn't leave, “the right-hander acknowledged, and appreciated that” given how she (Carmina) was in the last stage, “he was grateful that she had” left. “