Fuenlabrada Basketball dismisses Germán Cea for his “disastrous management” of the quarry


The Board of Directors of Baloncesto Fuenlabrada has dismissed this Friday “unanimously” the executive president, Germán Cea, for “the disastrous management of the quarry for which he is solely responsible”, barely half a year after taking office.

“This morning, the Board of Directors of Baloncesto Fuenlabrada SAD has decided to dismiss its executive president, Germán Cea, due to the accumulation of historic disasters in the management of the club's quarry in just four months,” the entity said. in a harsh statement.

Furthermore, the club assures that Cea “proclaimed himself responsible for the quarry” at the beginning of the season “making structural decisions without consensus”, such as the refusal to maintain the contracts of Salva Guardia and Manolo Antolínez, “with the position currently vacant of director of the quarry”. “The Board of Directors considers it unacceptable that teams in the EBA, Junior A or Cadet A categories in a quarter accumulate defeats and relegations,” he indicated.

“Likewise, the Board of Directors deeply regrets the attitude of the executive president, who yesterday afternoon issued a public statement with the sole objective of harming and discrediting the club and, therefore, all the people who for many years “They are part of it. In these situations, the loss of confidence in Cea is evident, which is why today we voted unanimously in favor of his dismissal,” he added.

In said statement, Cea accused the club's honorary president, José Quintana, and the president of the Board of Directors, Fernando Polaina, of “an obvious attempt to intimidate” and the existence of an “alleged accusation” against him.

“Actually, what happened was that both members of the club sent him a serious complaint from the mother of a youth player. To this Cea responded in his first flight forward and instead of requesting a meeting with said mother as dictated by the Logically, he denied the accusation with an unfortunate comparison, stating that it is as if he is accused of raping someone in Greece, when he has never been to Greece,” said Baloncesto Fuenlabrada.

Furthermore, he highlights that since his “self-proclamation” as head of the quarry he has generated “a serious crisis.” “The Fuenlabrada Basketball Club has been able to boast in recent years of having the second best youth team in the Community of Madrid after Real Madrid. In the last four months, after the self-proclamation of the executive president as responsible for this, we found ourselves surpassed by quarries such as those of Torrelodones, Estudiantes, Torrejón or the Olympic District,” he said.

“The EBA League team has not achieved a single victory in 13 games, when the previous season it easily managed to remain in the team and in the 2020-21 season the team was crowned champion of Spain. If this team were relegated, it would be a serious problem to be able to recruit players in the lower categories if their reference team, instead of competing in the EBA category, competes in the first national one,” he continued.

“For the first time in our history, the Junior A category team has dropped from the gold category to the silver category, when in recent years the Final Four in Madrid and several Spanish championships were competed. Likewise, the Junior A team The Cadet A category, also for the first time in our history, has been relegated from the gold category to the silver category. As is known, this team has also regularly reached the Final Four in recent years and also played in several Spanish championships,” he said.

Finally, the club highlighted the “unacceptable direction” that the management of the quarry has taken. “We want to reaffirm our commitment to the training categories, to the coaches and collaborators who carry out their work there. For us, the youth academy is the fundamental pillar of the higher categories and an inseparable part of the identity of our club and our city. which we will continue working to place it in the place it deserves,” he concluded.