Since almost a week ago he became the groom on the run by his girlfriend's sit-in just half an hour before the ceremony, the reasons that led to Juan Ortega to leave his girlfriend standing in this way are on everyone's lips. They especially talk about family pressures and her bad relationship with her father-in-law, her father. Carmen Otte.

However, since last Saturday a lot has been said on television sets and social networks. In this sense, the relatives of the bullfighter and the planted cardiologist are fed up. So much so that the right-hander and his most trusted people have several people who would be behind certain leaks between their eyebrows. In this sense, Amor Romeira explained this Friday on Telecinco: “They have given an ultimatum to several people.”

On the other hand, on Emma García's program they have also said that doubts stalked the bullfighter weeks before the wedding. On November 18, during a bullfight in Ecuador, he suffered a thousand evils when he did not win his head-to-head match with Roca Rey in Latacunga. While Victoria Federica's friend cut off four ears, the Andalusian only two and also got into a mess. In this run he realized even more that his priority is the arenas and climbing the ranks. The thing about family and settling down by going through the altar was no longer so clear to him, as they have explained.

The disappointment that the young cardiologist felt after the sit-in was such that she threw her wedding dress out the window.