Juan Carlos I is preparing to use the wheelchair more often due to his mobility problems

The images of Juan Carlos Using a wheelchair in public events such as his appearances in Galicia, at the funeral for Constantine of Greece or in other events generated concern about his state of health, with several hip prostheses and a problem with his right knee. It is true that since the historic decline in the Botswana hunt, he increasingly uses the chair and the cane less and less. It is also true that the former monarch’s stumbles in public have been several and have given a lot to talk about. However, at 86, it can be said that the King Juan Carlos He is in reasonably good health, although with clear mobility limitations. His age is no obstacle for him to travel as much as he wants and even regularly participate in regattas and other activities such as those in his beloved Sanxenxo, the town where he was again this weekend, accompanied by his daughter Elena. Of course we don’t know if Felipe VI, his older sister or Infanta Cristina They will congratulate their father this Tuesday, March 19. Maybe the ex-wife of Iñaki Urdangarin have the opportunity to do it in person since her father took a private plane from Vigo to Geneva, where his daughters’ youngest lives.

But Don Juan Carlos’s visit to the Swiss city does not imply that the former monarch is going to stop living in Abu Dhabi, as has been mentioned, or is going to change his tax residence after three and a half years living in Abu Dhabi. As confirmed Informalia sources of all solvency, the father of the Head of State does not plan to move to Geneva, although he now passes there more often. However, people around Don Juan Carlos do admit that her husband Mrs. Sofia has been absent from his residence in the second most populated city in the United Arab Emirates because “he has work at home”, they tell us. Specifically, the former monarch is adapting his mansion on Zaya Nurai Island for people with reduced mobility. In 2014, shortly after his abdication, Felipe VI already ordered an important adaptation of Zarzuela similar to the one that has been made now in the mansion in Abu Dhabi, that is, according to their needs, with adapted bathrooms and enlarged doors, and also ramps on all slopes.

Although we dedicated the beginning of this news to remembering that Don Juan Carlos’s health is good for his 86 years, with constant medical checkups, and closely monitored, his mobility is limited, as seen every time he appears in public. Hence, he needed to carry out repairs: “Install an interior elevator, change stairs for ramps and this type of things,” he explains to us. The always annoying works, as happens to many people, forced the former King to be absent during the month they lasted, although they have already finished and everything is ready for his return.

The image of his mother, Doña María de las Mercedes, prostrate in a wheelchair

Al king emeritus He has been seen making efforts to stay upright with the help of his bodyguards in public appearances. However, people who have seen him privately say that his situation is somewhat more complicated and that in Abu Dhabi uses the wheelchair more. The emeritus king’s wheelchair was nicknamed ‘Mimi Mobile’, because of how her granddaughters, her granddaughters, referred to it when they were little. Princess Eleanor and the Infanta Sofia.

The physical limitations of Felipe VI’s father are a result in part of the skiing accident that broke a shattered hip. “It’s not because of the knee surgery. His hip was destroyed by a skiing accident, and the disastrous operation years ago and osteoarthritis, a family illness, have left him practically immobilized and in great pain,” the magazine wrote not long ago. journalist Pilar Eyre. It is not true, however, that it has been said that he has been practically immobilized or that he often suffers intense pain, although in his situation he requires total dependence, without reaching the levels of his mother, the Countess of Barcelona, ​​in his wheelchair during the last stage of his life. Doña María de las Mercedes died at the age of 89 in the first days of the 21st century.