Juan Carlos I has not yet left Sanxenxo and lives like a king in the house of his friend Pedro Campos: “He even has an office”

Solved the mystery: the King Juan Carlos He has not yet returned to Abu Dhabi after participating, at the end of July, in the Sanxenxo regattas. According to him it has transpired, the father of Felipe VI is still installed in the Galician city, specifically in the house of his good friend Peter Fieldsthe president of the Real Club Náutico.

“After his participation in the sports competition, King Emeritus has not been able to leave Spain since there has been hardly any movement at the Vigo airport. In the event that he had traveled, it would have been to Barcelona to visit his friend Josep Cusí. In addition, in front of the house of his friend Pedro Campos, which is where Don Juan Carlos I is, there is a lot of security,” they explain to The Digital Closurethe diary of Juan Luis Galiacho.

Thus, sources close to the emeritus have revealed what his life is like in his friend’s house: “He is clear that if he stayed in Spain it would be in Galicia and in this case, it is the municipality where he wanted to extend his stay In the country. In addition, in the house of his friend Pedro Campos they have already built an apartment exclusively for him where he even has an office”.

King Juan Carlos would like to settle in Spain again but for the moment it is clear that it is complicated due to his relations with the Palacio de la Zarzuela and Moncloa itself. Without paying taxes in our country, you can spend a total of 183 days a year on Spanish soil. At the end of July, as we were saying, he participated in the Sanxenxo regattas, where he received a visit from his eldest daughter, the infanta elena. Palma has not even stepped on it. Her son, her daughter-in-law, her granddaughters and the Queen Sofiawho last Thursday shared a pleasant movie afternoon.