Juan Carlos and Froilán, in concert in Abu Dhabi and surrounded by sheikhs

Grandfather and grandson are closer than ever and this was demonstrated this Tuesday in Abu Dhabi, where they attended a tribute to Spanish culture. Don Juan Carlos y Froilán They have arrived together at Emirates Palace, one of the most luxurious spaces in the capital. Dressed in a suit but without a tie, they chatted in a relaxed manner with the rest of the guests, including several sheikhs.

Infanta Elena’s son and his grandfather have always been close, even more so now that they live just 50 kilometers apart. Froilán (in Dubai) goes to see Don Juan Carlos (in Abu Dhabi) at least once a week and they share a chat and lunch, although it is not common to see them alone and in public, outside the mansion where the father resides. of Philip VI. This was a special occasion. It was ‘Cordoba Nights’, a concert produced by ‘Andalusia: History and Civilization’.

According to the magazine Week, the emeritus was very talkative during the evening, greeting numerous friends, while Froilán remained in the background, very attentive to his grandfather’s well-being. They are accompanied by his trusted escorts. This same Monday, Infanta Elena revealed during the presentation of a film that her son “is happy to be able to be with her grandfather and happy with her work. They both see each other and complement each other very well.”

By the way, Froilán repeats at the Emirates Palace, where on October 12 he attended a party organized by the Spanish Embassy. The royal grandson rubbed shoulders with influential businessmen, important personalities and sponsors, with whom he enjoyed ham, cheese and paella: “He looked like a Hollywood actor. Everyone asked him for selfies,” they said from Week.