Carmen Borrego warns Gema Serrano, Bigote’s former friend, with legal measures: “Don’t even think about talking about my husband”

Carmen Borrego has exploded again this Tuesday against Arrocet Mustachewhom he asks not to continue dirtying his mother’s image, Maria Teresa Campos, after her interviews: “We have to let her rest,” she lamented. In addition, Terelu Campos’ sister also had a few words to say. Gema Serranoformer friend of Edmundo, who sat this weekend on the set of Emma García.

It must be remembered that in Fiesta They showed some photos of Gema on top of him on a sofa, in the comedian’s apartment, when he was still in a romantic relationship with the missing Malaga journalist. “He sent me messages at dawn, to me and to many others,” Gema said.

However, he denied having maintained a special relationship with the Chilean comedian while he was with the Malaga journalist: “We met at an act of the comedians’ association, but we have never gone further. That I have joked about the fact that “He would want to have something with me, that’s it, a joke, because you just have to see me, he and many others would want.”

Serrano has also spoken for the microphones of Europapress of a possible lawsuit that Borrego could file against her for certain statements that do not leave the Campos sisters in a good light. “I’m still waiting for the previous lawsuit that he was going to file against me. I don’t think he has anything to do with me because I know the environment and I know what I have to say and how.”

Ironically, Gema has also said that, if she had to defend herself, she would hire the services of the law firm where Carmen “put” her husband, Jose Carlos Bernal.

Borrego has heard these words on Telecinco and has exploded against her with a serious warning: “I don’t know who you are and I have no interest. I am my mother’s honored daughter, I hope it doesn’t occur to you to talk about my husband. I am taking legal action. against whom I want and can, when I feel that harm is being done like the one you have done to me. I am not going to consent to it,” she stated, very upset.