Jovic's secret

Luka Jovic has been reunited with his best version in the national team break. He returns to Madrid after having scored three goals and having distributed an assist in the three games he has played with Serbia during these days.

Those three goals have a common denominator: they have been with the head. And the fact is that the heads are one of the great virtues of Jovic, something that surprises when seeing his business card: he measures 1.82m. That is to say, height is not his strong point as 'nine', although it is something that he compensates with his physical power and with a capacity for jumping. that allows him to compensate for the lack of centimeters he has with respect to some central defenders.

Milan Jovic, his father, revealed in Objektiv the secret. In his childhood, the mud caused Luka to have to perfect his head strikes. “I would pick up the ball for him and hit it with my head indefinitely. Twice he even made earwigs in the cement, after which I had to beg him not to do it anymore. God forbid he hit his head or something like that, ”says his father.

An anecdote that reveals the origins of one of Jovic's great virtues, the header. A quality that has allowed him to score more goals in just one week with Serbia (three) than in his entire time at Real Madrid (two). A statistic that the forward hopes to begin to change from this weekend against Villarreal, a match that Benzema will reach between cotton wool. At 22 years old, the club is confident that he has time to reverse his situation. Zidane, who has always demonstrated his ability to connect players who seemed disconnected, will give him opportunities to do so …