José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes meets with David Aganzo


The president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, held a working meeting this Thursday with his counterpart from the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE), in which the union has conveyed to him “issues of great importance for the group it represents”.

According to the association in a statement, in this meeting, the two leaders discussed “issues that affect footballers and on which AFE has been working for some time in continuous meetings with organizations and institutions from different fields.”

“The meeting, which demonstrates the willingness of the president of the CSD to maintain a fluid dialogue with all sports actors since the beginning of his mandate, has allowed José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes to share with the union the issues that will be addressed during the regulatory development of the Sports Law,” they indicated from the Council.

Among the topics discussed, Aganzo, who was accompanied by the co-director of the Legal Department, María José López, reminded Uribes of the union's appearance in the Majadahonda court, where his alleged espionage and other matters related to the Super Cup that were being investigated were being investigated. dispute in Saudi Arabia, and in the National Court for what happened with Jennifer Hermoso and Luis Rubiales in the Women's World Cup.

Furthermore, David Aganzo conveyed to the new president of the CSD the urgency of the regulatory development of the Athlete's Statute, contemplated in the new Sports Law, after the constitution of the new Cortes, requesting the launch of the subcommittee to develop it and with the inclusion of “issues that are such a priority for footballers” such as freedom of expression, the legitimacy of associations to seal collective agreements, equality, health protection, compensation or taxation.

AFE also reported on its meetings with different political parties and that it plans to continue doing so with other parliamentary groups to discuss this statute, and on the “urgent need to reform” the Royal Decree that regulates the employment relationship of professional athletes in matters such as compensation. , maternity, conciliation or 'big data'.

The permanent presence of League F matches in La Quiniela, an issue that was emphasized as “priority and urgent” to the president of the Council, the allegations that will be presented in relation to the athlete's insurance due to the desire of the sports federations to modify what is established in the Sports Law.