Alerts are growing due to the worrying illness of Genoveva Casanova and Cayetano comes to her defense: “I am not going to stay still”

“What she's asking for now is calm. She's sick and we have to treat her like she's sick.”Pilar Vidal insisted this Thursday in Public mirror (Antena 3) after speaking with people close to the Mexican. The journalist already said 24 hours ago that her concern for Genoveva Casanova He was growing in his environment due to a worsening in his health and the tests he was undergoing. It must be remembered that in the summer he suffered a pulmonary embolism. “She needs affection and is delicate”Susanna Griso has also explained, along the lines of her collaborator.

“My position from now on will be to not treat Genevieve like the person who was caught with Frederick of Denmark. I had an image of her as a slightly more frivolous woman, and He is not as strong as he may seem. She hasn't taken it well. She had a pulmonary embolism and they are very worried about her.“, Vidal reiterated. “The situation is not there to speculate. What is happening now is much more serious than all this”has added.

“The issue now is different”Gema López has also said, insisting that the focus now should be on her state of health and not on what she had or did not have with the now king of Denmark and husband of Mary Donaldson.

Cayetano Martínez de Irujo comes out in defense of his ex

Following the new information that has emerged in recent days following the proclamation of Frederick television sets. The rider, the father of her children, is upset with certain “speculations” related to her history with the Dane, especially at this time when Genoveva has health problems.

“Cayetano allows me to say that this time he is not going to sit still. He is not going to allow defamations to be cast about Genoveva. Certain speculations are undermining her”Griso said. And he added: “He is very angry, he thinks that Genoveva has not been treated well in this country”.

Genoveva Casanova's pulmonary embolism

At the beginning of August, after more than a week admitted to a hospital in Madrid, Luis and Amina's mother spoke about her pulmonary embolism: “2 photos… One from the 21st [de julio]the day after being admitted to the hospital for a pulmonary thromboembolism that caused a pulmonary infarction, a stroke and damage to one of the ventricles of the heart… And another from this morning, going for a walk to the Retiro, 15 days later , already in the process of a long recovery.” And she added: “I cannot express how grateful I am for having the opportunity to continue here and enjoy my loved ones for a while longer.”

Since her photos with Queen Margaret's son and then Danish prince came to light in November, the Mexican, who maintained that they were just friends, has been in the spotlight and in the focus of media attention. Cayetano opened the doors of his palace in San Sebastián to her and he has also taken refuge in London, where her children are studying, and in her house in Madrid. According to Pilar Vidal, the former daughter-in-law of the Duchess of Alba is in Spain, not in Mexico as has been reported on other sets.