José Coronado remembers Isabel Pantoja: “She is a woman’s volcano”

Jose Coronadoat 65 years of age, is still that attractive actor that we remember as the gallant who fell in love with Isabel Pantoja when they played together in 1990 the movie That is me. Despite the fact that it was always rumored that José and the tonadillera had taken the romance beyond the big screen, Coronado once again settles the issue: “My character was in the movie, but it’s the only thing I’ve ever talked about. Never I’ve talked about my real life.” However, despite the passing of the years, the actor acknowledges that he continues to have affection for the Sevillana and affirms that it is “history of Spain, a volcano and a marvel”.

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During the presentation in Malaga this Wednesday of the new Netflix series, the snow girlthe actor has wished her the best for the tour of the United States that Isabel will begin in a few days: “That she does very well, of course, I wish her the best, that she does well.”

It is about the tour of American lands that the tonadillera was going to carry out between November 11 and December 10, and which had to be postponed due to visa problems. Finally, the dates of their concerts are as follows: February 10 and 11 at the L. Knight Center in Miami, February 17 at the United Palace Theater in New York, February 19 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and February, as a finishing touch, at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

That of a journalist, a role he knows well

José Coronado has always avoided talking about his personal life and continues without confirming or denying whether he maintains his relationship with irene lopez. The actor does not stop. At 65, he chains project after project and the snow girlwho stars alongside Milena Smitbased on the homonymous novel by javier castillopromises to become one of the great successes of the season.

In it, he plays a journalist who investigates the disappearance of a three-year-old girl in Malaga during the Three Kings parade in 2010, helped by a colleague who plays Milena: “It’s a miniseries that engages, likes it, has quality, tells interesting things, is well interpreted and will leave the viewer satisfied”, said the actor, who confessed that after the 185 episodes of the well-remembered series Journalists he has felt in his own skin playing one again.

“I would have loved to be a journalist. There is a certain similarity with being an actor because we both take our work home” he adds and confesses that if he had devoted himself to information he would have turned to politics. In a figurative sense of course, since as he assures him, although he likes “no way would I change Moncloa for being in my series and being an actor.”

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Delighted with the experience of having worked with one of the great revelations of the moment, Milena Smit, Coronado points out that “she is a cinematographic animal. The camera loves her, she is special, she gives you the reply and as an actor you cannot have anyone better, It conveys a truth and sublime organicity to you. It’s tiny but I’m already telling you it’s a beast,” he assures, surrendering to his partner’s talent.

And speaking of the youth that has been asking for a place in Spanish cinema, José spoke of his son, nicholas coronado, with whom he has a very special relationship. “He is a good guy and that is the important thing. He is in the field with his dogs, his chickens and he is happy. He is my great guru, he is the one who teaches me because I am empirical and he tells me: ‘stop a bit, meditate, reflect ‘ and it opens doors that I like” he proudly acknowledges.