José Castro: “Third place would add luster to a great season”


The president of Sevilla FC, José Castro, was very “proud” of the team after qualifying for the Champions League next season, the third in a row for the Andalusians, and assured that “third place” in LaLiga “would shine to a great season” if they are capable of achieving it this Sunday against Athletic.

“We have options to be third, football is football and it is so great because anything can happen. We are fourth, with the Champions League assured, but we have the option of being third. Real Sociedad is playing for being fifth and we are going to fight hard for third place, because it would give luster to a great season, atypical and also different with 21 cases of Covid and more injuries than ever in history, something incredible,” Castro said in statements to the club’s television.

“When the game ends on Sunday we will review, but there is something that does not depend on anyone. Suso bends his ankle, Lamela is a blow… we talk about things that are not normal, but see if we are great what we can say today for pride of the entity and of the Sevilla fans who are once again in the Champions League”, added the Nervionian president.

In this sense, Castro said that “of the last eight or ten games” they have “affected everyone” in the club. “I’ve had a very bad time in the last three games. We don’t have to risk our lives against Atlético, because we had games at home against Mallorca or Cádiz that we should have won with all due respect. The leaders, as long as the math doesn’t say On the contrary, we were uncomfortable, but now we are going for third place unequivocally”, he pointed out.

“En-Nesyri’s goal was a great joy, enduring the suffering of those last five minutes… sevillistas suffer from day to day, the leaders have all that plus the management of the entity, the economy and sports. I am happy to be the president of Sevilla, the one that has won the most titles in Europe and the one that is making the entity grow vertiginously, which gives me the strength to continue making Sevilla bigger and bigger and I feel very strong”, said.

In addition, Castro also gave support and affection to the professionals: “I can understand that in a part of the season the team does not get results or does not play well, but those from Colorado are ours, the ones who fight for our badge. understand that they are also people, football is very difficult and the league is very competitive”, he commented.

“You have to have a lot of strength until the end, but if there is something that does not fool anyone, it is the results and the team is back in the Champions League for the third consecutive year, all three with the same coach, who is happy with the goal. to try to finish third and from there work, self-criticism, new season…”, he asserted.

Asked about the preparation of the squad and possible sales for the future, the head of Sevilla indicated that “nobody escapes the fact that recent summers” “have not” “sold”. “In order to support the chips of this entity, changes and some sales are needed. In December, in addition to having offers, not only have we not sold but we have bought again, we will have to balance our accounts,” he added.

“We will do what is best for the entity, taking into account that we know how to do it well, that when there are departures there are new players who will bring in sporting performance and in an economic future. We have made a significant effort and from now on we will do what we have always done. The most important thing was sports, there were offers but we went for sports”, he recalled.

“Generally we always have a better squad than the previous season, but it will be homogeneous and with the capacity to continue growing. Dreams at Sevilla have no end. We want it all, because the Sevilla player is ambitious and ambition is not bad when it is worked with solid foundations. Miracles don’t exist, but we are getting closer”, said Castro, very proud to have received the congratulations from UEFA as host of the Europa League final.

“I feel enormously happy. Sevilla FC is the one that has always bet the most on this tournament and I think it is fair that the top king of the competition had a final in its stadium, which has also served us for an important remodeling for a match of this category,” he said.