Jorge Molina has scored 10 goals in the League and two in the Cup. Top scorer of the team ahead of Luis Suárez who has eight. Beyond these figures is the profitability because, every time the Alcoyano scores, Granada adds points. gold points.

Let’s take a look. On matchday 11 he scored a goal that rescued a point against Getafe at 97′. Four days later he scored a goal in the 2-2 against Athletic in San Mamés and in the 17th he saved another point in the Carranza against Cádiz in the 88th minute. His three goals in the 4-1 against Mallorca on matchday 18 ensured three points. Not to mention another three points with his 2-1 win over Atlético on 12-22-2012. He was the initiator of the equalizer against Rayo in a match that was lost 0-2 with one of his opportune goals in the worst moments. And three more points in the 2-6 against Mallorca, without a doubt his favorite victim, in Son Moix, against which he scored two new goals. If we do the math, we see that Jorge Molina’s goals have helped in no less than 13 of the 37 points scored by the rojiblanco team. Whenever he scores, Granada scores.

Shield/Flag Grenada

In this season Jorge Molina has also broken some records of notable iinterest. In data published on the Twitter account of the analyst Pedro Martín, it is explained that he is the second oldest scorer in the First Division at 40 years and 15 days, only behind Donato, formerly of Atlético and Deportivo, who scored at 40 years and 138 days . He is also the third oldest assistant in a top-flight match (with the aforementioned 40 years and 15 days behind Lowe (48 years and 226 days with Real Sociedad in 1935) and Joaquín (40 years and 89 days in 2022 with Betis).

Tickets flew

On the other hand, tickets for Sunday’s decisive match against Espanyol have already flown. The last tickets have been sold and there is only the classic gap in the most VIP boxes that, of course, will disappear. A full to bursting where, as they used to say, not even a pin will fit.

The fans will once again give wings to Granada. Great image of the red and white stands in Seville.

The Chinese derby

Another of the attractions of this decisive game for Granada and inconsequential for Espanyol is that its owners are chinese. Derby between Rentao Yi and Chen Yansheng. The first has chaired the Loa Cármenes club since September 2020, but has not set foot in the city.

Escudero: return and renewal

The left-back will return to the team after completing his suspension match. He has made a remarkable enough season finale that both parties are seriously considering continuing to work together for another season, until 2023.