Jorge Pérez and his wife take advantage of the scandal with Alba Carrillo: “They signed an exclusive and reality show”

The commotion that they have created Jorge Perez y Alba Carrillo does not stop Despite the fact that the model has not had any qualms about telling her version of the events on television, the former civil guard, for his part, has preferred to stay away from the media spotlight and take refuge with his wife, Alice Penaand their four children in Palencia.

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However, this silence of the marriage would have two reasons: the first, an exclusive one, and the second, a reality show. as told Rafael Mora this saturday in Deluxe“The other day we saw some images in which Jorge stopped the car and called the police, he was with his wife and she had an anxiety attack… This is a lie. The reason they are calling is because they had stayed to do the exclusive and if they followed them, the exclusive would be annoyed”.

Shortly after, Maria Patino He expanded the information: “We can confirm that Jorge Pérez has signed the pre-contract for a reality show for this imminent house. And we can almost confirm that he will be on the cover of a magazine with his wife.”

After the news leaked on the Mediaset set, the possibility that everything was premeditated as Alba Carrillo and Marta López have insinuated would gain strength. And it is that according to the friends, the winner of Survivors 2020 he would have deceived everyone with his image of an exemplary family man and what he would really seek is nothing other than fame.

Feliciano López’s ex believes that Jorge and his wife have made “a strategy to try – through collaborators – to leave me as the culprit of the matter. They dedicated themselves to calling colleagues so that they speak ill of me to save their ass. I do not get any profit from having lied for him, quite the contrary. I am being judged. I do not benefit from this, “he said in Fiesta.