There is time for everything. Coinciding with the day off of the Spanish team, Luis Enrique with his wife, Elena CullelAnd your daughter Sira They celebrated their son’s 24th birthday this Saturday On it in a Peruvian restaurant in Doha.

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“Happy birthday, Pacho”, wrote the technician on Instagram along with a photo of the whole family during the meal. Sira Martínez, for her part, also congratulated her brother on her networks: “I love you, baby.”

Since the start of the World Cup, the man from Gijón has been very active on social networks and has even been encouraged to go live on his Twitch channel. “We all need days off, the coaches too. It’s not outrageous to have a day off at a concentration. I understand this as something very different. Having freedom when assessing what the player needs is important,” he said in one of his rebroadcasts.

The Asturian has achieved figures of more than 150,000 viewers, a fact that already generates a significant financial amount. Add more than 5,000 subscribers on Twitch and could be getting a total income of between 6,000 and 7,000 euros per broadcast.

However, the father-in-law of Ferran Torres He has explained that all the money that enters through the streaming platform will be used “for a good cause”. “I will not take a single euro. Everything I earn will be for a good cause of which I will inform you in due course.”