While the whole world empathizes with the Marchioness of Griñón for her disappointment in love, the presenter of Save me has cut himself off from ordinary mortals and has harshly attacked Tamara Falco: “Now everyone charges against Inigo Onieva, but if they hit you twice and you keep letting them hit you, the responsibility is hers. Tamara knew who she was playing the quarterfinals with.”

To the astonishment of his companions, Jorge Javier Vazquez He has launched very harsh criticism against Tamara: “What you cannot do is have a life with the Hazte Oír collective, with the ultra-right Catholic and ultra-conservative and with a party animal,” he said. “Tamara Falcó’s life is an absolute lie and she is being allowed to whitewash very dangerous elements in this society because she is Tamara Falcó, but you listen to her and it is to throw her hands in her head. Tamara Falcó is a harmful element.”

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Adela González tried to make him change his mind while he continued arguing: “His environment is stale, classic, and all of us in our lives have liked el golfo, but when we have been with el golfo we knew that it was. If I fall in love I know that, depending on what aspects, is going to hit me. It’s that we were surprised by something that was more than sung”.

Finally, she explained: “What has screwed her up is that it is made public. I also don’t understand that she is confined to her house, that people go to see her… Girl, no one has died!”