Jorge Javier unmasks Rosa Benito and reveals what she told in the corridors: “She called Ortega Cano ‘Hortensia'”

Jorge Javier Vazquez has valued again the testimony given by the former employee of Dew Sworn, Mili Pinedain the docuseries Rocio Carrasco this Monday. The former worker explained that Jose Ortega Cano He gave Rocío Jurado a “bad life”. She also pointed to Antonio David Floressupporting the version of alleged mistreatment of Rociito.

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A day later, the presenter of Badalona has valued the strong testimony of Pineda. “Calling Ortega Cano a teacher is something that we are going to have to put aside. We are going to have to start taking the facts that are being told seriously,” he said in Save me this Tuesday.

“The hot cloths are over. You have to call things by their name. Any hint of defense towards Ortega Cano is an offense to society,” confessed Jorge, who was just as forceful this Monday in the docuseries.

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Then, taking advantage of the occasion, he has thrown a dart at rose benedict, who does not support her niece in her testimonies about family conflicts: “Here Rosa Benito called Ortega Cano ‘Hortensia’ and in the corridors she talked to us about how she behaved with Rocío.” rose went from Save me in 2016. They ended like the rosary of the dawn due to the problems of the program with their daughter, Chayo Mohedano.

In 2020, they already revealed in the afternoon program that this was the nickname with which Rosa allegedly referred to Ortega Cano. According to the ex-Chauffeur of Jurado, Jose Maria FrancoRosa called him that to question his sexual orientation.