Jorge Javier takes his mother to ‘Cuentos Chinos’ after Tuesday’s crash

Jorge Javier Vazquez turned to his mother this Wednesday, who came to her son’s aid after the share the day before he gave them a seven to his Chinese Stories. The presenter opened the program with Maria Morales Martinez, whom he affectionately calls Mama, without an accent. It is a pity that he did not intervene more.

Jorge Javier went on to interview an “international artist” with a dark cap turned inside out and a white t-shirt and whose name he would have to look up. Fortunately, after a kind of conversation that had no interest between Jorge Javier and the visitor, he left Susi Caramel to compensate for the anesthesia, with a resuscitating energy, dancing with the singer and a contagious smile.

But its new section, titled very smart, it was not interesting at all. It included the moment of Got Talent of a Japanese wind blowing that made Risto Mejide leave the space. Then they gave way to Martha Flichvery pretty, who showed a sofa GH VIP and he said that he already knew about the casting and that we are going to love it. Then they spoke Anabel Alonso and another person from Rubiales. Then she sang the guest live. And that’s it. Maybe Susi Caramelo should make the program that replaces Chinese Stories when they strike him down