Beatrice Borromeo denies having granted an interview to ‘Hello’

The aristocrat, married since 2015 with Pierre Casiraghiwoke up this Wednesday with a surprise: the cover of a Spanish magazine announcing a talk with her. Beatrice Borromeo He has used humor to deny that he has granted said interview: “I am very surprised to learn that apparently I gave an interview to ‘Hello’: I can’t wait to read what I never told them because they have never interviewed me.”

A few hours later, the Italian journalist explained what happened: “Update on my (non) interview with ‘Hello’. It seems that ‘Paris Match’ sold an old interview without my authorization (they didn’t even inform me) and ‘Hello’ has published (also without informing me) with the misleading title ‘He speaks to us.’ Angry, she added: “Sometimes, magazines send their interviews to other publications, but they can’t publish it without authorization that I never gave them”.

Indeed, the Spanish magazine ‘sold’ its Wednesday cover with the following headline: “Confidences in scoop from Beatrice Borromeo, the brave princess.” And he added: “Become the director of a controversial documentary, she tells us about her life in Monaco and her new challenges.” Some words that are now evident after the protagonist’s denial: “I think the main blame would be on the magazine that sold my interview without authorization and additional blame on the publication that published without informing me and with a misleading title”Borromeo has settled.