Jones says Mike McCarthy is going to be in charge of the Cowboys’ big game with the Eagles.

McGill had surgery on Wednesday for appendicitis. There is never an ideal moment for an appendectomy, however it was especially bad a few days beforehand the Cowboys played the Philadelphia Eagles in a huge NFC East game.

The Cowboys said McCarthy ought to be on the field for the game, and Jerry Jones, the owner of the team, said on 105.3 The Fan which McCarthy will coach in less than a week following surgery.

McCarthy is tough because he won’t miss a game, even though he doesn’t have to tackle A.J. Brown as well as run down Jalen Hurts. It didn’t even lose much practice.

Michael Gehlken according to the Dallas Business News says that he was returned to the building on Friday.

All the news from Dallas said that McCarthy was regularly talking to the coaching team from the hospital while they were making this week’s game plan.

Good news for the Cowboys! The players might even be able to learn something to McCarthy’s quick return.

Many people have said bad things about McCarthy quickly, but he has done a great job this season.

That’s what he did this season: called the plays. The Cowboys scored the most points in the NFL. They have a 9-3 record and will tie the Eagles for first place in the division if they win on Sunday night.

This week, the Cowboys said that they expect McCarthy to be fully recovered in time for him to still coach in this Sunday’s big game towards the Philadelphia Eagles.

On Friday morning, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones stated that he thinks McCarthy will be on the bench on Sunday.

Jones told 105.3 The Fan’s K&C Masterpiece upon Friday morning, “There’s no change in something he’s going to do on Sunday night. From a coaching point of view, it’ll be business as usual.”

While McCarthy has been away, the Cowboys’ defensive specialist Dan Quinn, special teams coach John Fassel, and quarterbacks coach Brian Schottenheimer have been in charge of practices.

McCarthy was supposed to hold a press conference in Wednesday morning at The Star, but Quinn filled in for him. He stated that the squad “fully anticipates” McCarthy coach on Sunday.

According to health professionals, it can take a normal person between one and four weeks to recover from this kind of surgery and get back to their normal schedule.

For McCarthy to be able to return the building, it took two days. When he coaches an NFL game, it will be a week since the surgery.

That shows a lot of dedication to the team and its goals. Since the story started on Wednesday, McCarthy’s plan was announced to coach the important NFC East game on Sunday.

“Of all the things you’re familiar by, probably the succession (plans) or who is going to take over a duty in coaches has been as well thought and meticulously planned as something you’ll ever see,” Jones said.

“That’s something that had been in place even before his had the problem with appendicitis.”

Almost all the time, Cowboys owner or GM Jerry Jones is happy. But two days before a big NFC East game, Jones is nervous.

“Business as usual to a coaching standpoint,” Jones tells the radio station, according to Todd Archer of ESPN.

The Eagles (10-2) visit the Cowboys (9-3) on Sunday night. If Dallas wins, they will be in first place in the NFC East because of a tiebreaker. Jones is clearly counting into the days since so much is at stake.

“He’s still going to do the same things on game day. It’ll be business as usual,” Cowboys boss Jerry Jones said on 105.3 FM The Fan in Dallas on Friday.

McCarthy, 60, had stomach pain on Wednesday morning, which led to a meeting with the squad’s medical staff. Quinn said that when he went into McCarthy’s office, McCarthy looked pale and uneasy.

McCarthy returned to the building on Friday morning, according to Jones. He plans to lead the Cowboys (9-3) to face the NFC East-leading Philadelphia Eagles (10-2) on Sunday night within Arlington, Texas, just like Quinn said two days earlier.