Joaquín Torres says he signed Susanna Griso to get revenge on Ana Rosa and Villarejo

Spite and revenge against Ana Rosa Quintana and against Villarejo. It has been the motivation of the architect Joaquin Torres when he decided to sign up for the program Susanna Griso, a collaboration that ended this Thursday the 23rd. He revealed himself in a statement to explain why he slammed the door on the set of Public mirror and has left Antena 3’s morning program.

“Contrary to the opinion of many people who love me, I eagerly agreed to collaborate on that program because I am a big fan of Susanna Griso and also I really wanted to help compete against Telecinco’s morning, since I was Ana Rosa Quintana’s producer and I was a person who would have helped Villarejo try to ‘destroy’ me through the media. and personally after the assignment of Susana García Cereceda, since I was especially ‘excited’ to contribute my grain of sand in the new approach of Public mirror“, he revealed. Just like that.

Furthermore, the famous architect disfigures the new path that, in his opinion, the space has taken. “If the new direction of the leadership of Alberto Diaz is to reproduce the address of your old program [Sálvame] and create spectacle through the conflict of their collaborators, not with me,” he added. “They play with the power that a camera gives them. They play with the audience and have forgotten what the truth is. They seek spectacle at the expense of everything and everyone. “My deepest rejection of this type of television,” he concluded.

As we have published, Torres has published this statement after a confrontation he had with Susanna Griso for feeling aggrieved due to information about the number of followers that celebrities have on social networks and how many of them were bought. “I’m leaving Public Mirror for giving false information about my Instagram profile“, he said. “I am leaving because I no longer trust his direction and do not trust the veracity of what is said and done,” he continued.