Joaquín Torres’ moving message after his wedding to Raúl Prieto: “My children gave us an example”

This Friday, May 19, the wedding between Joaquin Torres (52), the famous architect, and Raul Prieto (47), former director of the program. Two days after the big event, which has brought together many faces from the Telecinco universe, Torres has shared an exciting message on Instagram. It must be remembered that the architect was already married to the painter Mercedes Rodriguez Parrizaswith whom he has two children, between 2004 and 2015.

“In full emotional hangover and after a few days that I will never forget and that are already part of who I am, I want to thank all of you who have made it possible for Raúl and I to live our celebration to the fullest,” he wrote this Monday. .

The wedding was charged with emotion from beginning to end: “I could talk about how spectacular the walk along the Guadalquivir was or about the party where no one stopped enjoying themselves to the fullest, or about many other unique moments and details. But I am going to highlight what which was the evening of the wedding, on Friday, May 19”.

In this sense, he explained: “I arrived at Casa Pilatos with my sister, in a car where my two children were waiting for me, to enter the Palace gardens together with Raúl and his mother. The absence of my mother weighed heavily on me, that for health reasons he could not be there, but I decided to focus and enjoy being there and not get lost in absences”.

The sensations were indescribable: “Upon entering I felt something that pierced my soul, devastated it, and that already stayed all night. All the guests received us standing up with a ceremonial respect that I don’t know how to describe, listening How I love you by Rocío Jurado masterfully interpreted by the wonderful Laura Gallego”.

The ceremony and celebration were an example of diversity and respect: “Each of the 300 guests came together to get involved in our story. There, differences and sexual orientations disappeared, there they all saw two human beings in love who sealed their love and they celebrated”.

Among all the guests, two very special people for the architect, his children, Manuel 17 years old and Alvaro of 15: “My children gave us all an example of love. And family, friends on one side and on the other, came together in a single entity, in a single group that was the total union to make us live that celebration in something that it went beyond. Far beyond a magnificent dinner or a lively dance.”

Torres ended his publication with a message of thanks to all the people who made this day one of the most special of his life: “Thank you all for understanding how hard the road has been and that the road should never be an obstacle test. union of two human beings who love each other. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And love for everyone”. Among all the guests: Terelu Campos, carmen borrego, Alexandra Rubio, Rocio Carrasco (con Fidel Albiac), bethlehem esteban (and her husband, michael marcos), Charlotte Sliding, Kiko Matamoros (with his fiancée, Marta Lopez Alamo), David Valldeperas o Emma Garcia.

Joaquín Torres, as we said, was married for more than a decade to Mercedes Rodríguez Parrizas. In 2021, he confessed in The reason: “It has been more than five years since I became homosexual. It has been tormenting, it has taken me too long but it has been worth it. I am completely free. I no longer tremble when I hear the word fagot, faggot, girl… etc. I no longer feel I deny, I am no longer ashamed”.

Then, he added: “Telling it to my children was the most difficult thing, but they made it so easy for me… From the minute I accepted myself, I decided to do it with all the normality in the world and I introduced my partner into my private life.” Joaquín and Raúl met in Save mewhen the first had a section on his specialty and the second was still a director.